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An example of the FINE
available through Soul Mate
Soul Mate Publishing is ready to launch, and they have a full crew of brilliant and talented writers to, um, steer you over the choppy waters of literary deprivation... or something. Okay, really bad metaphor aside, Soul Mate Publishing is launching on Wednesday, October 12, 2011. Woohoo!

Oh yes, my friend, this means exactly what you think it means: Your romantic fiction-less days have come to an end. Just visit Soul Mate Publishing, and they will supply you with your RDA of happily-ever-afters.

Below is a list of blogs you can visit to hear more from amazing authors who, like yours truly, have the privilege of helping Soul Mate launch their amazing new publishing company. I hope you'll support them (and me, but if you're among the three peeps who read this, I imagine that won't be an issue) by perusing and purchasing some of their literary wares. 

Let's help a small publishing company and their crew of dedicated authors stay afloat! If you don't, I might have to resort to another really bad metaphor, and no one wants that.

May you find your heart's desires, my friends!


  1. I enjoyed your post!

    Happy release day! I hope you have great success!


    Karin Shah
    BLOOD AND KISSES Available now!

  2. Just dropping by to say hi!

    Happy launch day.


  3. I enjoyed reading your post.
    Congrats on your debut novel.


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