Hodgepodge Post

I have tons of thoughts burbling in my brain and no ability or inclination to work them into a creative whole. As a result, below is a random smattering of thoughts and announcements. 

1. Hunted Past, my full-length novel, will be released on October 28 through Wild Rose Press. Like in paperback and everything. Seriously. Given the October 12 release of Hunted, this is a good month for Elle! (Pretty cool, since it's my favorite month and the one that contains my second favorite holiday!)

2. October 19 is my first favorite holiday. It's National Love Your Body Day! That means today is LYBD Eve! Are you loving your body right now? If not, better stop what you're doing and start lovin' on it. Your body does a lot: Processes those brilliant thoughts, moves you from here to there, hugs partners and provides pets with resting places, breathes, processes toxins, looks smokin' in neckties (ties look sexy on everyone, no matter their sex), and countless other things. And yet how do you repay it? You diet and deprive it of nourishment; feel guilty when it tells you it wants sleep, sex, and other awesome things; make it wear uncomfy shoes; and too often tell it it's ugly, not fit enough, not as [insert adjective] as [insert name]'s. Your body is beautiful. It's functional. It's you. If no other days, take today and October 19 to celebrate your body's glorious beauty and capabilities. 

3. I just purchased and read My Princess Boy. I plan on sharing the book with my Marriage and Family classes and wanted to share it with you three blog readers, too. It's a precious book and has the most beautiful drawings. I'm not one to recommend consuming objects (unless it directly benefits me, I mean), but for those who might need or want it, this is a lovely and loving resource. Long live princess boys and princely girls!

Happy Elle Hill month! Happy Love Your Body Day! Happy readings!


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