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Author Intimidation Syndrome(tm)

Yeah, that's right -- I was all over the OK Corral in AZ. Oh, faithful three readers, I have fallen prey to a terrible malady. It all began when I took a break from writing my latest novel to travel to Florida and then through Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. (Yes, I feel very cosmopolitan.) During this time, most of it sans Internet access (my IUD was almost incapacitating), I eagerly slurped up a dozen or so e-novels by my favorite authors. When I returned home in early January from this whirlwind winter break, a new semester quaked and the tsunami of class preparation slammed into my tender person. Now, three weeks later, I find myself with some free time and could easily slide back to writing The Tithe . Only... Only... I can’t. I reread the last chapter or so. I tinkered with an adjective here, a metaphor there. I got into the writerly swing of things by revising another book. But come time to jump back into The Tithe , I found myself cowed by the magnitude, th

Hunted Dreams is on the Horizon!

My homemade cover, which I'm sure will look nothing like the publisher's Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh! I just received in my email inbox the first round of revisions to Hunted Dreams , the latest installment in my Hunted Series. I have a special fondness for this book, not only because the main character is a strong, self-rescuing fat woman (yeah!), but because I really started stretching my creative muscles when penning this book. The shero, who remains unnamed for the first part of the book, is trapped in an endless cycle of nightmares, which adds a surreal, dark, grisly touch. I admit I was thrilled and challenged when writing scenes in which she’s trapped in an L.A. alleyway, the Pacific Ocean, dinner parties (my personal hell), a giant Venus flytrap-like plant, and, of course, hell. And, my faithful three readers, a character from Hunted Past plays a significant role in this Hunted book. Plus, the hero is seriously hot. Just sayin’. My glorious editor at