Hunted: A Review

The reviews for Hunted, my saucy little 15,000-word novella, are pouring in! I can hardly keep track of them! Well, okay, there have only been two, but they both mean a lot to me. One is on Hunted's Amazon page (oh yes, it has one!) and one is online, sitting there for the world to see. And you know what? You all need to see it, too:

This review was written by Ann Montclair, an obviously-brilliant and talented writer of our times. Thanks, Ann!

Hunted by Elle Hill is a paranormal romantic thriller set against the backdrop of modern day Los Angeles. The gritty, kick-butt heroine, Gray Leigh, is a Hunter, a superhuman with the ability to sniff out and destroy Leeches, another kind of superhuman that feeds on human misery. When Gray is sent to protect a scientist who has come dangerously close to unearthing their secret world, she finds Dr. Simon Romero more than worth her attention. Between flurries of violence and philosophical musings, these two make time for some serious romance. Action, thrills, passion, and humor blend to create a novella with spice. I especially enjoyed the clever snippets of Spanish that added local, believable flavor to the tale. Hunted is a fast, fun read that delivers memorable characters, succinct plotting, and a romantic element that serves to amplify the tension and suspense.


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