Meet My Sheroes

As I delve deeper into this alien territory of self-promotion, it occurs to me how fun it would be to introduce my fourteen readers to my literary characters. With that in mind, I decided to interview the three sheroes from the two novels and one novella I’ve published: Gray from Hunted, Serena from Hunted Past, and Katana from Hunted Dreams.

I hope you come to love them, or at least find them half as compelling as I do.

Q: Please state your full name and age. 
  • Gray: Gray, Daughter of Leigh. Thirty.
  • Serena. My name is Serena O’Connell, and I’m twenty-nine years old.
  • Katana: Katana, although it took me a heckuva time to figure even that out. I later found out I’m twenty-six. I’ve packed a lot of living in those few years.

Q: What do you do professionally?
  • Gray: I’m a Hunter.
  • Serena: I started off my career as a suicide and grief counselor, although I’ve lately expanded my practice to include Hunters and Psychics, particularly those who suffer from grief and PTSD.
  • Katana: That’s kind of a secret in the book, right? I don’t want to steal your thunder, Elle, so I’ll stay mum.

Q: What’s your favorite pastime?
  • Gray: I’m a Hunter. Job, pastime, passion: It’s who I am.
  • Serena: Between training and my job, who has time for pastimes? I guess when I have a few minutes to breathe, I grab my husband and take a walk or visit my Aunt Mona in Long Beach. Last week we watched a mindless blockbuster on Netflix.
  • Katana: I’ve spent so long trying to survive, I tend to just sink into any space of silence. Not doing anything is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.

Q: What’s your most memorable experience?
  • Gray: I hate to be all gushy, but it was probably when I met my lover, Simon.
  • Serena: After suffering from depression for several years, my mother took her own life when I was seventeen. It changed the whole trajectory of my life. I’m happy with where I am and what I’ve done, but I miss her every day.
  • Katana: I’m sorry, but I’d rather not talk about it. If you’re really interested, you might check the newspapers from sixteen years ago.

Q: What’s your favorite color, and why?
  • Gray: Black. Blood stains any other color.
  • Serena: Gabriel told you to ask this, didn’t he? He knows this question embarrasses
    me. Since he probably told you, it’s yellow because, you know, no one likes yellow. Yellow needs a champion.
  • Katana: Pink, because there’s so much violence and pain in the world. We need to seek out the beauty and gentleness in order to keep ourselves sane.

Q: What one word best describes you?
  • Gray: “Hunter.”
  • Serena: Hard to narrow it down. Maybe “humanitarian”? Wait, that has the word “human” in it, and I’m just as committed to the non-humans. Maybe “catalyst” or “intermediary.”
  • Katana: “Mine.”


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