An Interview on Artistic Intersections

What do voracious appetites, doctoral dissertations, pretty poems, and demonic possession have in common? That's right: Me! 

You should totally check out this interview, WHAT?!
In her latest blog post, my friend and mentor, Frannie Zellman, features an interview with your favoritest author ever (I'm speaking of course of the famous and critically acclaimed Elle Hill). In the interview, we discuss my writing history, my childhood in a very Christian family, my poetry and doctoral dissertation, and the bubbling cauldron of politics that congealed into the Hunted Series' universe. 

Here are some excerpts from the interview. Please feel free zip over to the interview, paw through my history, and, while you're at it, take a tour through Frannie's blog for her new, amazing book, FatLand II: The Early Days

Which of my books do I like best?

[Note: Of course, like any parent, I instantly felt the need to cry, "Oh, dear, no! I love all of them the same! Choosing a favorite is like deciding which of the five senses I most enjoy!" But then I realized it would be a lie, so I moved on.]

Hunted Dreams is by far my favorite. I gave myself permission to be a lot darker and more psychological in this one. It deviates from a lot of romance conventions, but I let myself do that. As a result, it feels more organic and personal to me.

About my poetry and how it meshes with my dissertation topic:

I began and ended my dissertation with poems about fatness. The first one discusses the horror and pain of being treated as a monster because of fatness. The poem that ends my dissertation addresses the politics of smiles and how people expect them as their due from fat people. My fat smile, I say, is more a noose around necks than an admission of subordination. Kind of angry, but it's powerful.


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