New poem: Avalon

I've been a busy little buzzer! After all is said and done, I return to this blog with a melancholy poem. Eh, whatcha gonna do? I hope all enjoy.


I’m thinking of a place,
bigger than a breadbox,
round like an apple with
bruises meant for
fingers and
gracious tongues.
They say its juice
holds the cure for many
post-industrial ailments,
but sometimes I
forget to believe.

I trekked there once
on accident.
I stumbled, and it
opened before me,
turquoise and orange like
a sunrise.
I tucked my large, fragrant
body in its grassy
bosom, slumbering while
branches raked grooves in
happy flesh,
a Shakespearean heroine
in Titania’s dewy skirt.

Elephants lumbered
and the stars spilled their
milk into my
enraptured mouth.

I awakened some
time later, head
lolling on a rock, sand
coating my tongue.
My hair had grown
slick, oily.
River-carved canyons
dented my face.

I looked and
looked and
called and.

Some say it lies in
a forest, others
the sea.
So small, maybe,
so delicate and shy, the
growling of my belly
frightens it,
the pressure of my words and
rub the feathers
from its wing.
So vast I am
already lost

I sit
here, motionless,
a rounded triangle, breathing
the fog, chewing
the air.
I remember the taste of
apples, the smell of
My fingers grow blue in
the starlight while
the magnitude
of my body awaits


  1. Melancholy indeed, but very well written. Good choice of pics, too.

  2. Thanks and thanks, LJ. :) It's one of them newfangled abstract poems that conveys a mood rather than a concrete message. However, I would imagine the core theme comes through.


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