A Few Fat Pride Cheers

The NAAFA Convention cometh. This, plus the NOLOSE Conference, are the highlights of my year. Imagine relaxing into a warm bubble bath of love and acceptance while munching chocolate-coated nuggets of empowerment and equality. Yeah, it's a lot like that. 

A picture I designed a few years ago,
proving I should stick to verbal artistry.
Anyway, for the NAAFA Convention, my BFF and I decided to perform a few poems for "NAAFA's Got Talent." Inspired by the many slogans I've chanted during Pride, Take Back the Night, and in other parades, I wrote a few cheers for our newly formed Rainbow Fatniks. Yes, pictures are forthcoming.

Here they are, a handful of our fat pride cheers. May they inspire you to start your own parade.

Not too thin, not too fat.
Body love is where it’s at.

Brown, beige, yellow, blue
Gorgeous bodies, many hues.

Gay, straight, genderqueer
Everybody’s welcome here!

Pot bellies, thunder thighs
Beauty comes in every size!

Legs, canes, scooters, too
Wheelchair hotrods coming through!

Male, female, straight and gay:
All of us deserve our day!

Thin, round, short, tall:
NAAFA celebrates us all.


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