Hunted Past: A Rock-tastic Blurb

Squee! How awesome is it that I’ve received my first official blurb! Not only that, but I love and respect my blurber! I’m so happy, I can’t stop using exclamation points!

Sure, I’m aware that this early in my career, this blog is viewed only by my beloved sisters, a close friend or two, and, of course, me. However, I entertain pink-tinged fantasies of future readers who search desperately for a little more of my literary brilliance, stumble across this blog, and consume past posts like they’re bite-sized Butterfingers.

Sisters, Jules, Pip, fat-positive Facebook friends, and future readers for whom my humility is nostalgic and quaint (yeah!), here is my first official blurb:

With a handful of words, Elle Hill sculptures the most glorious characters, scarred yet beautiful, valiant and caring. Like Serena we are hurled from the normal world into one inhabited by psychics and super-human hunters, and by the leeches who feed on the darker side of us mere mortals to sate their evil hungers and who view us as little more than a food source. An all-action paranormal romance with more than one twist in the telling, this will leave you gasping for more.
Pippa Jay, author of the upcoming Keir


  1. Squeeeee!
    It was my absolute pleasure to read your book and get to write the first blurb, yay! :)

  2. Woo hoo and congrats!!!! Excellent blurb!! (And I can't stop using exclamation points either! LOL!)

  3. Thanks to you both! And thanks again, Pip, for this beautiful and humbling blurb. :)


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