Hunted Past: Brilliant Blurb By a Brilliant Writer

Oh. Em. Gee. My very second official blurb, also from someone I respect and adore. It’s like Christmas in July, minus the awesome holiday tunes.

Without further ado, here’s my second blurb, written by one of my fave authors, Lauri J Owen:

A word of advice: find yourself a comfortable chair before you open Hunted Past because I guarantee you won’t put it down until it’s finished. Even on a work night. In sum: Ms. Hill’s debut book will rivet you, charm you, lull you, scare you, and leave you utterly sated when you finally close it - and your bleary eyes*. Her writing is so skilled, and so smooth, that you’ll forget it’s a story. Don’t you dare pass this one up!

Lauri J Owen, author of Blowing Embers

An example of a severely tired person engrossed in a good book

*Note: Ms. Owen tells me this is actually representative of her experience. How flattering is that?!


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