Thrilling Unveiling of My New Website

Because it’s 3:30 am and I’m a tired monkey, this will be the briefest blog post I’ll ever write. Think of it as blog minimalism. Yeah, I’m artsy like that.

Anyway, I just renewed my web domain and revamped my website. I have zero web design skills, but I can click and drag. The result? An extremely basic, but still kind of cool, website. Like this blog post, it’s artsy minimalist.

If you’re free, I urge you to go take a gander. Have fun exploring!


  1. I don't think everyone needs to have a complicated or fancy website. As long as it lists the important info and is easy to navigate, I'm completely fine with simple websites. That said, yours looks great! And I like the fact that you showcased your wit on your "About" page. Great job, Elle! -Fredric @ Local Marketing Guru

  2. I agree with Fredric! A good, effective website doesn't necessarily have to be graphics-heavy or flashy. As long as it's up to date, easy on the eyes and easy to navigate, then you'll keep your visitors.

    Jessica James @ Priority Media Solutions

  3. Really liked you website. I'm an author myself and am currently in the process of revamping my website. I think the tough part about websites for authors is creating a functional website that does not take away from the content of work itself. Your blog gave me a lot to think about, thanks!!!


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