Promotional Stuff and Us

Oh, beloved blog readers, I adore you beyond belief. I thank you for reading this blog, for commenting, and for caring enough about my thoughts and activities to keep visiting. Special
thanks to those of you who have shared my blog and Twitter info; I'm honored every time you gimme some of that sugar.

In spite of all this, I don't labor under the delusion that I'll ever be a big-time, famous writer. I'm learning the tricks of self-promotion, and I'm doing a lot of it lately, but I have three major problems when it comes to such things: 1. I hate -- no, I mean super detest -- self-promoting; 2. With the advent of self-publishing and electronic book formats, which require almost no overhead costs, I am one in a billion writers out there. We're all flooded with self-promotions and free ebooks and such every day; we're in promotional overload in this consumerist culture; and 3. I don't think I'm writing in the right genre. I'll talk more about that later, since I'm pretty sure my next book (after The Tithe) will dramatically depart from my current genre (paranormal romance). 

I wrote all this as a rather extended and angsty prelude to a topic I wanted to introduce: I have become a blog partner, a host of other authors' promotional activities. In spite of my hand-wringing over being a cog in the consumerist machinery, I do believe these authors, like me, deserve a chance to gain exposure. I don't have a large blog following, but I do have an amazing one. These authors would benefit mightily from your readership, your comments on their blogs, your kindness and support. 

Given that, in three days, I'm going to be hosting an author of a cool-sounding book. I'll host the occasional one thereafter (about once per month on average). If you comment on blog posts containing their info, you'll be entered into drawing for loot. Loot is good. We like loot. 

This marketing thing is new to me, and it feels a little scratchy, but I like to think you and I can perhaps dish out some love and support for wee, newborn authors. We're superhero givers like that. 


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