National Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week

Yes, I know this is an author’s blog. Yes, I’m aware I’m an author. Yes, I have some idea that I should probably, like, write: 1. More often (my three readers should never be taken for granted!), and 2. About, well, writing and stuff. But, come on – everyone knows I’m a Crazy Animal Lady™, right? Right!

That said, I would like to once again point out the annual Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week. Let’s say you’re in the market for a new friend. Natch, your first stop is this blog, in hopes that I have words of wisdom for you in adopting a new BFF/soul mate.

What a coinkydink!

Me with Biscuit, an older,
purebred, rescued pug.
1. Do not buy from a breeder. Ever. I don’t care if you think English Bulldogs are the cutest things in the multiverse. I don’t care if you once had a bad experience with an animal shelter. There is no excuse for helping perpetuate the pet overpopulation/euthanization problem. And don’t let the nice people working at pet stores fool ya into believing they don’t buy their babies from puppy mills. Their souls are full of garlic, they’ve got termites in their smiles! Stay away!

2. Adopt an animal from an animal shelter or a local rescue. You can even find purebreds there, although keep in mind purebreds tend to have more medical problems overall.

Tell me you don't want a piece of this.
3. Do not get a young animal. They aren’t potty-trained, they may well require some obedience school, they will most definitely run or slither across your face while you sleep, and most of all, there are far too many adult animals that don’t get adopted. You want to be a s/hero? Adopt an adult. Heck, if you adopt a senior, I shall personally kiss you on the lips the next time we meet. Seniors are my favorite: mellow, low-key, sleepy, snuggly… need I go on? One of the loves of my life, a kitty named Velveeta (don’t ask), came to me from a hoarding situation when he was around seventeen or eighteen. I had two beautiful years with my angel before he flew away.

4. Less adoptable animals rock. I’m talking black furbabies, Pit Bulls, animals with physical and mental disabilities, sick animals, FIV kitties (don’t believe the myths; these little suckers can lead long and healthy lives), older babies, animals castoff after the holidays (think bunnies, chicks, and gift puppies), super shy or less effusive animals or breeds, and so on. I used to be owned by the coolest cat in the world: Loki, a one-eyed, polydactyl, mentally special kitty cat with aniridia and cerebellar hypoplasia. I freakin’ love that little monster and still cry over losing him in the divorce.

5. If you need help finding a less adoptable animal in your area or aren’t sure how to introduce your new angel to your current one(s), I can help you. For you and only YOU, I will dust off my animal rescuing skills and help you save the life of an animal that really needs it.

The animals need you. I promise not to get offended if you click out of here and go save a life or two.


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