Autumnal Hibernation

So, you may have noticed my posts have been a bit sparse lately. Perhaps Elle is on tour,
Yes, I am shamelessly bribing your love and forgiveness
with a pic of an adorable, five-month-old puppy.
you’re undoubtedly thinking, hyping up her latest book. But alas, my friends, alas; such is not the case. After a summer of schlepping multiple times to Arizona, California, and Colorado, I’ve been content to snuggle into a calmer autumn. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in home things: some sick furkids, a wedding (for me, not for the cats), a new puppy, and other domestic thingies. All in all, I’m pulling inside my turtle shell and pulling the door closed behind me.

I miss waxing poetic about every social topic known to humanity. I do. And I’ll return soon. But since my posts right now would probably consist of the best ways to get the cat pee smell out of dog beds or whines about the cost of wedding DJs, it’s probably best that my rants come a bit less frequently right now.

For all those reading this, though, may your autumn sparkle. Big ol’ hugs to you all!


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