Virtual book tour for The Tithe

And so it begins. Starting tomorrow, and for the next couple of weeks, usually once per day, reviewers and authors will feature on their blogs my interviews and guest posts. 

Wanna know more about me? Wanna hear how I dreamed up the wonderfully weird, post-apocalyptic and "utopian" world of Joshua Barstow, the librarian who has touched an angel? Wanna read some insights into my writing processes? 

Hello? Anyone there?

Let's start again. Hey, peeps! Wanna revel in the wonders that are The Tithe and me and win a $50 Amazon gift card? Aw! I'm flattered. It's super easy to get entered into the drawing. Simply click on the links below (on the correct day, of course), comment on blog posts, like me on Facebook and on Twitter, etc., and then tell Rafflecopter (links are on the websites) about it. If in doubt, click a link below and follow the instructions.

The virtual book tour schedule is below. Please feel free to visit as many of these blogs as you'd like. The more blog comments the merrier! 

Good luck! I hope you win the loot! And, you know, buy more of my books and stuff.

October 27: Coffee Books and Art
October 28: 
Author Nancy Adams
October 29: 
Long and Short Reviews
October 30: 
Andi's Book Reviews
October 31: 
MAD Hoydenish
November 3: 
Books and Other Spells
November 4: 
Dena Garson - Real... Hot... Romance
November 4: 
Bunny's Review
November 5: 
The Bookie Monster
November 6: 
Lisa Haselton's Reviews andInterviews
November 7: 
Danita Minnis
November 10: 
Booklover Sue
November 11: 
Kinky Vanilla Romance
November 12: 
Romance Novel Giveaways
November 13: 
November 14: 
Ashley's Paranormal Book Blog


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