The Tithe Cover Reveal

Your agonizing, nail-biting wait has ended, my friends. Only a short year after I finished my last novel, The Tithe, the peeps over at Soul Mate Publishing have slapped together one heck of a gorgeous cover. I am perfectly thrilled with it. It captures the bleakness of the Mojave Desert; the alienness and familiarity of this universe's future California; and the austere, twisted beauty of Joshua trees, the namesake of our shero. Plus, it's just super purty, amiright?

Without further ado, here is the cover. 

Pretty sleek and sci-fi, right? (Or, if I were an advertiser, I'd write "Pretty. Sleek. Sci-Fi.") I am sad to report, however, that the novel itself, in all its dark, lengthy glory, won't be available till early August. But that gives you plenty of time to save up in order to buy copies for yourself, your sister, your significant other, your cat sitter, your neighbor, your Cousin Sherman, and maybe even your boss.

In case you forgot --  although how could you? -- here's the book's blurb. 

“Every seven years, seven persons from each of the ten towns must go into the desert, where they will enter into the realm of Elovah, their God.”
No one knows exactly what happens to these seventy Tithes, but everyone knows who:  the “unworkables,” those with different physical and mental capacities. Joshua Barstow, raised for twenty years among her town’s holy women, is one of these seventy Tithes. She is joined by the effervescent Lynna, the scholarly Avery, and the amoral Blue, a man who has spent most of his life in total solitude.
Each night, an angel swoops down to take one of their numbers. Each night, that is, except the first, when the angel touches Josh… and leaves her. What is so special about Josh? She doesn’t feel special; she feels like a woman trying to survive while learning what it means to know friendship, joy… and maybe even love.
How funny that she had to sacrificed to find reasons to live.


  1. Great cover, Elle! Sorry if this posts twice. Looks like a great book.


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