Five Line Friday: The Tithe

Not the official cover.
I sorta made this. :)

I recently learned of this "Five Line Friday" thingy. Where have you been hiding, my sweet? Elle wants to come out and play. 

The five lines I'm choosing are from The Tithe, my latest completed novel. It's still in the editing process, but my editor tells me it should be released this summer. Till then, here's a five-line taste. Hope you savor!


          Trapped with the angels.
          The sound crescendoed behind her. She closed her eyes.
          Wind, cool like the desert night, swirled around her head, breathed across her flushed cheeks.
          She felt the brush of a feather against the back of her neck. Her heart slowed to its normal rhythm, and she drifted with a small smile to the smooth floor below.


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