Hunted Past is OUT!

What’s surreal, paranormal, romantical, and FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE? Yeah, that’s right: Hunted Dreams! Booyah! My third fiction piece and second full-length novel was released today solely to the clutches of Amazon (sorry, Kobo and other peeps, but my Soulmate editor tells me this may change after the contract is up with Amazon in three months) in e-book form.

Buy it! Read it! Laugh! Cry! Fall in love! Ignore your RL chores! If you’re into spooky scenes, fat sheroes, interracial and intersize love, and an adorable Pit Bull mix named Mina, you’re going to luv eet!

And if you like it, please write an Amazon review and feel free to buy your BFF, mother, son, and ex a copy.

Now get thee to Amazon to purchase some entertainment! 

Thanks, and happy readings!


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