A Vision of Covers

In addition to being a super-shero author, I also style myself a dabbler in the digital arts. Translation: I really, really like playing in Microsoft Publisher. Anyway, when I finish writing and revising my books, I print them via Lulu and send them to my well-read and brilliant readers (i.e., my sisters). Since I need a sexy cover to snag my sis' attentions and convince them that art class in college was kinda worth it, I usually spend an hour or so slapping one together. 

All that done, once I toss my baby manuscripts into the laps of publishers, they gather together their team of graphic artists and construct their own cover. Sometimes I like what they come up with, sometimes not. At least they're kind enough to let me contribute a few ideas, which I appreciate. 

Would you like to see my very basic handiwork? Why, I thought you'd never ask! Below are the three covers I've tossed together for, respectively, Hunted, Hunted Past, and Hunted DreamsCaveat: Up until Hunted Dreams, I used or bought the royalty free art; however, I can't claim that the images on the cover of HD are mine. 



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