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Thanksgiving in December

I woke up this morning in a foul mood. How dare morning come before I was ready? Do the neighborhood dogs  ever  stop barking? What had possessed me to leave dishes in the sink last night? How did I let myself run out of coconut milk coffee creamer? Why do showers have to be so  wet ? And why, why do so many letters of the alphabet rhyme? You know that bleary scowl so many of us have upon cracking our eyelids? Yeah, mine never left my face. Something like this. After my fiancĂ© scurried off to work and my cats abandoned me to my glaring glory, I ordered myself to stop being such an epic grump. Then, much to my chagrin, what vision should dance like a sugarplum in my head? Of all things, a Facebook meme, background all peaceful, words in a soothing font, saying something about when you’re feeling like the Grinch Who Stole Sunshiny Happiness, make a list of all the things for which you’re grateful. So I did. A few hours later, I’m back to my smiling self, so perhaps Facebook’s

The Tithe is FREE in Time for the Holidays!

I know I've been an unfortunately absentee author lately. I've been dealing with some health issues -- a beloved kitties', not mine, although as any Crazy Animal Lady can attest, I'd much rather it were me. Anyway, I'm back, and I'm bringing tidings of free-ness. I don't know for how long, but for at least a day or two, and possibly more, The Tithe is free. You may notice it's just in time for the holidays: Hanukkah starts December 16, Winter Solstice lands on December 21, Christmas lumbers onto the scene four short days later, and the following day sees the beginning of Kwanzaa. Buy a copy for you. For your mother. For your partner, your boss, your BFF, possibly your next door neighbor, the one with enough holiday lights on their house to confuse passing aircraft.  Click here to snag your freebie. And in case you've forgotten, I present to you The Tithe 's hook: " Every seven years, the towns sacrifice their sick and disabled. No one h