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Becoming Multilingual in the Love Languages

A coconut milk latte says "love" in all languages. I just finished writing an uber-romantic scene. In it, my two love interests, who are still  ostensibly at the friend stage, cuddle one another for reassurance while spilling deep, dark secrets. Oh. Em. Gee. It just couldn’t  get  any more passionate, could it? Actually, maybe it could. It occurred to me this morning that almost all of my romantic scenes involve, well, cuddling and secret sharing. And while it may be surprising — nay, shocking! — to imagine, not  everyone  expresses their love through talk and touch. Ever heard of those  love language  things? Cheesy, I know, but I find them useful tools for talking about the different ways we express and receive loving gestures. Basically, the concept says there exist five ways of showing peeps you love them: words of affirmation (verbal love, baby), acts of service (love as verb), receiving gifts (show me the stuff!), quality time (giving the gift of time and att