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When Literary Goods aren't Quite Good Enough

I imagine you, like me, read. Maybe a lot. Possibly as an escape from that noisy, sometimes chaotic real world thingy. Perhaps because you crave some witty repartee and smoldering glances. Or hey, maybe you’re just bored. Whatever your reasons, and contrary to the national trend , you tend to treasure your forays into literary landscapes. But what happens when you arrive there and don’t particularly enjoy the scenery? Luckily, this doesn’t happen often to me. Books are a lot like romantic dates: I may not adore my date or find every second with them  inspiring, but at the end of the night, I can usually find some redeemable qualities to focus on. Maybe not enough for a second go, but at least I finished this date without dumping my drink on my date’s head, right? But just because it’s mostly tolerable, does that mean I should have to tolerate it? Increasingly, my answer is “no.” See, I have very recently discovered an amazing, magical method for dealing with a less-than-da